Interactive Content


Building Connections

Content is "King" and digital connections are happening now—savvy companies are adding digital media to their traditional marketing mix to create interactive positive effects on brand perceptions and audience behavior.

At DRB, we seamlessly integrate online media services with our core strengths in traditional media relations. We're unique in our ability to apply the principles of 27+ years of marketing experience to engage new and established influencers in today's multifaceted communications landscape.

Contact us and let's talk about how DRB can help you launch an effective Interactive campaign that keeps your ROI in mind.


Interactive Marketing Sites

This site helps food entrepreneurs think about joining the growing mobile food trend. Our client sells high-end gourmet trailers and catering carts.

Razdog provides cloud navigation software for the PC. DRB designed the website, provided branding of “Cloud Motion” and worked with the client’s developers to implement our design.


DRB prepared a demo for our client, Linear Technology which included Razdog “Cloud Motion” interactive software. This was a demo and content was only developed for demo purposes.

LTC web-563

E-mail Marketing

emailblastAirtronics uses this eNewsletter to keep their customers informed of new capabilities, processes and special projects. DRB designed the newsletter, we write the articles and help produce it and send it out.

Email marketing is an effective way for Greenlite to stay in touch with their clients, encourage renewals and pass along healthy recipes. DRB designed the Email template and trained our client to publish it internally.

Perisho—This leading Accounting firm stays in touch with their clients with three different eNewsletters covering specific areas of expertise. DRB designed the eNewsletter template and trained our client to publish it internally.

Online Media

Linear Technology—Linear uses online banners to support their print campaign and drive traffic to their website. DRB designed the banners to reflect key messaging in the print ads.


Metal Gourmet—"Foodies" live online to get the latest in gourmet mobile food. Reaching the marketplace vendors is no different. DRB designed the banners and manages the media to reach entrepreneurs.


SPX—This leading Automotive Aftermarket company uses banners in print and online media. DRB designs the banners, manages the media and monitors activity to tie in with PR programs covering several product groups.